University Administrators

Board of Trustees 2011-2012


  • J. Kevin Poorman, Chair
  • John J. Finan, Jr., M.B.A. '70, Vice Chair
  • Rev. Kevin Wm. Wildes, S.J., Ph.D., University President
  • Rev. Peter Rogers, S.J., Vice President
  • Rev. Robert "Bob" Gerlich, S.J., Secretary and Treasurer


  • Rev. R. Bentley Anderson, S.J.
  • Virginia Angelico-Tatum '75, D.D.S
  • William Blase
  • Rev. James M. Bowler, S.J.
  • Robert "Bob" Brown
  • Robin R. Burgess
  • James A. Caillier, Ed.D.
  • Carolyn Callahan '88
  • Rev. Gerald Cavanagh, S.J.
  • Dennis C. Cuneo, J.D. '76
  • Donald Faust '73, M.D.,
  • David M. Ferris, J.D. '96
  • Anne B. Gauthier
  • S. Derby Gisclair '73
  • Gail W. Jock '62
  • Rev. T. Frank Kennedy, S.J.
  • Barry D. LeBlanc, M.B.A. '82
  • Robert LeBlanc '00
  • Joseph E. Mahoney, Jr., '76
  • Floyd J. Malveaux, M.S. '64, M.D., Ph.D.,
  • Elissa F. Moran
  • Rev. Joseph M. O'Keefe, S.J.
  • Sean O'Keefe '77
  • Rev. Kevin P. Quinn, S.J.
  • Rev. Richard P. Salmi, S.J.
  • Rev. Stephen Sauer, S.J.
  • Robert A. "Bobby" Savoie, M.B.A. '81
  • Ashley C. Schaffer '98
  • N. John Simmons, Jr., '76
  • Rev. Paul Soukup, S.J.
Trustee Emeriti
  • Adelaide W. Benjamin
  • Donna D. Fraiche, J.D.,'75
  • Theodore "Ted" Frois, J.D. '69
  • Rita O. Huntsinger
  • John P. Laborde '96
  • John B. Levert, Jr.
  • Jerome J. Reso, Jr., '58, J.D. '61
  • Betty S. Sherrill
  • Jeanne Wolf

University Administrators

President's Office
President Rev. Kevin Wm. Wildes, S.J.
  Executive Assistant to the President Gail Howard
  Executive Assistant to the President for Board Relations Kristine Lelong
  Administrative Assistant Tammy Jackson
  Director of Government Relations Tommy Screen
  General Counsel Gita Bolt
  Internal Auditor V. Lynn Hoffman, Director
Academic Affairs
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Edward Kvet, D.M.E.
  Special Assistant to the Provost Roger White, Ph.D.
  Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Lydia Voigt, Ph.D.
  Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Melanie McKay, Ph.D.
  Vice Provost for IT and Chief Information Officer Bret Jacobs, B.S.
  College of Humanities and Natural Sciences Dr. Jo Ann Cruz, Ph.D., Dean
  Associate Dean Dr. Judith Hunt, Ph.D.,
  College of Social Sciences Luis Mirón, Ph.D, Dean
  Associate Dean Philip J. Frady
  Loyola Institute for Ministry Thomas Ryan, Ph.D., Director
  Twomey Center for Peace Through Justice Ted Quant, B.S., Director
  Lindy Boggs National Center for Community Literacy Petrice Sans-Abiodun, Ph.D., Director
  College of Business William Locander, Ph.D., Dean
  Associate Dean of Educational Systems Angie Brocato Hoffer, M.A.
  College of Music and Fine Arts Donald R. Boomgaarden, Ph.D., Dean
  Associate Dean Anthony DeCuir, Ph.D, Associate Dean
  College of Law María Pabón López, J.D., Dean
  Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Lawrence W. Moore, S.J., J.D.
  Associate Dean of Student Affairs Stephanie W. Jumonville, M.Ed., J.D.
  Assistant Dean of Admissions K. Michelle Allison-Davis, J.D.
  University Library Deborah Poole, M.L.I.S., Interim Dean
  Vice President for Enrollment Management and Associate Provost Salvadore Liberto, M.A.
  Admissions, Director Keith E. Gramling, B.S., B.A., Director
  Scholarships and Financial Aid, Director Cathy Simoneaux, M.B.A., Director
  Academic Resource Center Sarah M. Smith, M.Ed., Director
  Center for Intercultural Understanding Lisa Martin, M.A., Director
  Grants + Sponsored Programs Heidi Davis, Ph.D., Director
  Information Technology Bret Jacobs, B.S., Vice Provost for IT and Chief Information Officer
  Institutional Research Cynthia Dorsa Caire, Associate Director
  International Education Debbie Danna, M.A., J.D., Director
  Loyola Intensive English Program Erika Heppner, Director
  Service Learning Kelly Brotzman, Director
  Student Records  
  Administrative Services Michael Rachal, B.S., Director
  Registration Services Kathy Gros, Director
  University Honors Program Naomi Yavneh, Ph.D., Director
  Women’s Resource Center Karen Reichard, Ph.D., Director
Finance and Administration
Vice President for Finance and Administration Jay Calamia
  Associate Vice President for Financial Affairs Leon Mathes
  Bursar Shannon Duplantis, Director
  Controller Michael Connick
  Portfolio Coordinator Michael C. Hubbard
  Purchasing Bret Pennison, Director
  Student Finance Judy Vogel, Director
  Assistant Vice President for Administration Paul C. Fleming, B.A.
  Construction and Safety Robert S. Oehlke Jr., Director
  Facilities Operations Ann Moss, Director
  Facilities Systems Charles B. Marshall, Director
  Mechanical Systems Charles B. Smith, Director
  University Police Patrick Bailey, Director/Chief
  Human Resources Ross Matthews, Director
  Risk Management Richard W. Bell, Director
Institutional Advancement
Vice President for Institutional Advancement William Bishop, M.A.
  Associate Vice President for Development Chris Wiseman, Ph.D.
  Development Suzanne Valtierra, B.A., Senior Development Officer
  Advancement Research Mary Ellen Fleury, M.A., Director
  Planned Giving Robert S. Gross, J.D., Director
  Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications Terrell F. Fisher, M.F.A.
  Marketing and Publications Jennifer Schlotbom, B.A., Director
  Creative Services Allee Parker, B.F.A., Art Director
  Public Affairs and External Relations Meredith Hartley, Director
  Web Communications Jacee Brown, B.F.A., Director
  Advancement Records Martha Bodker, Director
  Alumni Relations Monique Gaudin Gardner, J.D., Director
  Annual Giving Marcel M. McGee, B.S., Director
Mission and Ministry
Vice President for Mission and Ministry Rev. Ted Dziak, S.J.
  Associate Director of Mission and Ministry and University Ministry Director Kurt Bindewald
Student Affairs
Vice President for Student Affairs and Associate Provost M.L. "Cissy" Petty, Ph.D.
  Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Danna Student Center Robert Reed, M.Ed.
  Athletics and Wellness Michael F. Giorlando, D.D.S., M.Ed., Director
  Counseling Center Alicia Bourque, Ph.D., Director
  Career Development Center Roberta Kaskel, M.A., Director
  Co-Curricular Programs Heather Roundtree, Director
  Dining Services Ben Hartley
  Residential Life Craig W. Beebe, Director
  Student Health Services Alicia Bourque, Ph.D., Director