Speech (SPCH)

Music and Fine Arts

SPCH A100 Fundamentals of Speech 3 crs.

This course is a study of the factors governing good speech content and delivery; an introduction to speech behavior in human interaction. Open to all students.

SPCH A495 Special Project arr.

This project focuses on the creative or projective efforts of one or more students. A special project is distinguished from a research project in its lack of the historical or experimental method and perspective characteristics of research.

SPCH A496 Seminar/Workshop arr.

A seminar is a supervised group of students sharing the results of their research on a common topic. A workshop is a supervised group of students participating in a common effort.

SPCH A497 Internship/ Practicum arr.

An internship is supervised practical experience. A practicum is supervised practical application of previously studied theory.

SPCH A498 Research Project arr.

This project focuses on empirical or historical investigation, culminating in a written report.

SPCH A499 Independent Study arr.