Special Studies (SPST)

Social Sciences

SPST A100 Career Exploration 2 crs.

The objective of this course is to stimulate an on-going self-assessment on the part of the individual, thereby enhancing his/her ability to make viable vocational choices and to encourage the student to investigate various occupations which emerge as possibilities after the self-assessment phase.

SPST A105 Protocols of Learning 1 cr.

Designed to promote higher-level learning skills, this course demonstrates techniques with application to the student’s classwork. The course addresses taking notes, preparing for exams, and comprehension in reading. Individual conferences are provided to address the student’s specific need.

SPST A205 Peer Adviser Development 2 crs.

This course is designed to prepare students to serve as peer advisers in the peer adviser program and orientation. Peer advisers serve as orientation leaders and workshop presenters in the Office of New Student Orientation and Student Health Service.

SPST A215 Organizational Leadership 2 crs.

This course is designed to examine the dynamics of leadership in organizations and to develop leader competencies in student organizations. Organizational behaviors and personal style assessment is the focus in fostering and developing effective groups.

SPST A225 Practicum in Higher Education 3 crs.

The practicum provides a means to test career objectives by exposure to the work environment in the Office of Student Affairs and the demands the tentative career makes on the person. Performance contracts will be negotiated.

SPST A320 Resident Assistant Preparation 3 crs.

Required for all students selected to be resident assistants, the curriculum is designed to impart knowledge/skills through structured class experiences. Emphasis is placed on interpersonal relationships, communications, and community development.

Required for all first-time resident assistants.

SPST A499 Independent Study arr.

Permission of the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.