New Orleans Studies

Dr. Leslie G. Parr, Director, Center for the Study of New Orleans, (504) 865-3649


New Orleans offers a rich array of subjects for scholarly research and study, and Loyola’s faculty is uniquely situated to provide students with a deep and textured understanding of it. In the New Orleans Studies minor, students can explore issues of race and class relations, ecology, and politics. Courses in history, literature, drama, and film focus on the city and its people. New Orleans’ ethnic heritage, its musical innovations, and its celebrated foodways open additional avenues for exploring one of America’s oldest cities.

The New Orleans Studies minor, like no other in the world, provides a unique program for understanding a unique city.

Selected Courses:
History: History of New Orleans
Biology: Mississippi River Delta Ecology
Sociology: Social Justice in New Orleans

Minor Requirements

The New Orleans Studies is composed of the following 21 hours:
History of New Orleans 3

Choose six courses in at least three disciplines


Information Literacy

Thesis Research 2

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