International Business

Program Objective

The purpose of the international business major is to prepare students to manage and lead in a variety of societies and organizations that exist in today’s increasingly interdependent global economy. To achieve the following objectives, international business majors take a comprehensive curriculum that includes business, language, and social science courses related to the country/region of interest (as indicated by the language chosen). Also, international business majors must participate in either the international summer or semester-long study abroad or exchange programs offered by the college.

Learning Goals

  • Graduates will be able to understand, appreciate, and thrive in cultures other than their own, and in organizations composed of and serving individuals with diverse social and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Graduates will be able to conduct business transactions in at least two languages using the practical skills and modern techniques of management practice.
  • Graduates will feel comfortable in reconciling conflicting ethical, political, and economic dilemmas of the emerging global economy.
  • Graduates will be able to incorporate both the broad and specific implications of global trends and unexpected events into the design and implementation of business strategies.
  • Graduates will be ready to assume positions of responsibility in internationally-oriented organizations in which these individuals can leverage their managerial skills and expertise.

Major Requirements

All international business majors must take the following courses:

INTB B200 Introduction to International Business
INTB B325 International Finance
INTB B330 International Marketing  3
INTB B435 Multinational Business Strategy
HIST / POLS / SOCI #### History, Political Science, or Sociology Electives* (2) 6
FREN / GERM / ITAL / JPNS / SPAN Modern Foreign Language Electives** (2) 6
International Business Electives (2)
  International Experience Req.*** (Study or Intern Abroad) -
Total Credits in Major 30
Total Credits in Degree 120

* Must have an international focus; these courses fulfill the business elective requirements.

** Choose one modern foreign language, consistent with the world region of specialization and other electives chosen; these courses fulfill the non-business elective requirements.

*** All International Business majors must complete at least one substantial experience, either an internship or foreign study, to meet the requirements of the degree program.

Other Information

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