Film Studies

Dr. Peggy McCormack, Director, Department of English, (504) 865-2473


The Film Studies minor offers a unique interdisciplinary approach to the cinema. Through film analysis courses and screenings, students examine the history, theory, genres, art, and business elements of film. Digital media courses expand upon this foundation by combining analysis, theory, and the presentation of creative texts through digital media such as e-readers and social networking websites. Finally, through digital filmmaking courses, students experience the actual workings of the filmmaking process, from writing scripts with professional screenwriting software, to the mechanics of transferring those words to the screen, and editing images and sound into a compelling and functional storyline.

Selected Courses:
English: How to Read a Film
Music Industry Studies: Music Visualization
Music Industry Studies: Video Writing/Directing

Minor Requirements

The Film Studies Minor requires 21 hrs.
Choose any combination of 21 hours from the following:
ENGL A220 Introduction to Film and Digital Media 3 crs.
ENGL A370 How to Read a Film 3 crs.
ENGL A313 Feature Screenwriting I 3 crs.
ENGL A314 Feature Screenwriting II 3 crs.
ENGL A317 Writing the Short Script 3 crs.
ENGL A415 Creative Writing Workshop
Writing About Film and/or Writing the One Act Play
3 crs.
ENGL A470 Film and the Art of Literary Adaptation 3 crs.
ENGL A394 Reading (W:/):- The Digital Human 3 crs.
ENGL V244 Screenpower* 3 crs.
ENGL A372 Studies in American Cinema* 3 crs.
ENGL A472 Studies in European Cinema* 3 crs.
ENGL A404 Creative Non-Fiction Workshop 3 crs.
ENGL A408 Writing: Technique and Technology 3 crs.
ENGL A431 Revising American Texts 3 crs.
ENGL A306 Professional Writing 3 crs.
ENGL A405 Editing and Publishing 3 crs.
MUGN M415 Introduction to Digital Filmmaking 3 crs.
MUGN M425 Video Editing 3 crs.
MUGN M430 Video Writing/Directing 3 crs.

* These courses may be taken multiple times when the subject matter changes.

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