Computational Science

Dr. Ralph P. Tucci, Director, Department of Mathematics, (504) 865-2663


The Computational Science minor introduces students to the basics of computer programming and familiarizes them with powerful computational software packages like Matlab and LabView. The program also has an independent research component that affords students the opportunity to engage in original research using advanced computational tools under the supervision of an interdisciplinary team of professors. The minor can provide biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, sociology, political science, or economics majors with an advantage while applying for employment or further education. Visual arts and mass communication majors could also greatly benefit from exposure to the computational tools provided by this minor.

Selected Courses:
Math: Introduction to Programming I
Math: Applied Scientific Computing
Research: In one of the sciences

Minor Requirements

The Computational Science minor requires the following 21 hours:
MATH A211 3
MATH A257 4
MATH A271 3
MATH A375 3

Choose one of the following four options:

Option 1

  • MATH A258
  • MATH A212
  • Research (2 crs)

Option 2

  • MATH A258
  • Research (4crs)

Option 3

  • PSYC A303 or MATH A260 or DESC B205
  • MATH A298 (2 crs)
  • MATH A212 or MATH A498 (3 crs)

Option 4

  • MATH A212
  • Research (5 crs)
8 or 9

Substitutions to the program will be permitted with the approval of the Director of Comptational Science.

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