Arabic (ARAB)

Humanities and Natural Sciences

ARAB A100 First Year Arabic I 3 crs.

This course is designed for students with no previous knowledge of Modern Arabic.  Students will learn the Arabic alphabet, basic writing and conversational skills, and entry-level Arabic grammar, including gender of nouns and verbs and regular conjunctions.  Students will also be exposed to Arabic culture and customs of polite society.

ARAB A101 First Year Arabic II 3 crs.

This course will expand students' vocabulary and use of basic grammatical structures. Lessons will focus on the sound patterns of Arabic, with attention to mastery of scripts, pronunciatio and listening comprehension.

Arabic A200 Second Year Arabic I 3 crs.

Students of Arabic 200 are expected to enhance the four language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing in Modern Standard Arabic.  This class will introduce hollow, double-root, and defective verbs, absolute negation, and conditional tense.  Students will be exposed to different native speakers of Arabic through audio-visual materials and will continue learning about Arab culture.

Arabic A201 Second Year Arabic II 3 crs.

This course will focus on listening comprehension and reading, exposing students to increasingly authentic texts from newspapers, journals, and other sources. Controlled writing assignments will also be introduced.