Program Objective

The purpose of the accounting major is to provide students with a well-rounded education in the arts and sciences, as well as technical and ethical skills relevant to the accounting discipline, in order to prepare them for success in the public, private, and not-for-profit economic sectors.

Learning Goals

The accounting major has the following learning goals:

  • Graduates will be able to critically analyze business and accounting problems to make informed and technically appropriate decisions.
  • Graduates will exhibit ethical conduct in all their activities and be able to apply a values-laden method for making ethical decisions.
  • Graduates will be proficient in the use of information technology and able to provide accounting information that meets user needs.
  • Graduates will have the accounting background necessary to meet the education requirements for various professional examinations.
  • Graduates will be able to communicate business information effectively in order to assume leadership roles in their chosen professions.

Major Requirements

All accounting majors must take the following sequence of courses:

ACCT B205 Corporate Accounting + Reporting I 3
ACCT B206 Corporate Accounting + Reporting II 3
ACCT B300 Tax Accounting I 3
ACCT B307 Accounting for Public Sector Entities 3
ACCT B340 Accounting Information Systems 3
ACCT B400 Advanced Accounting 3
ACCT B403 Auditing + Assurance Services 3
ACCT B410 Strategic Cost Management 3
ACCT B460 International Accounting 3
ACCT B### Accounting Elective (1)* 3
  Business Elective (1) 3
Total Credits in Major 33
Total Credits in Degree 120**

* ACCT B203 is not accepted as fulfillment of the Accounting Elective requirement of the Accounting major. ACCT B410 is already included in the curriculum as an advanced topic course in the area of managerial accounting, as a substitute for this 200-level course all other business majors take.


** 150 credit hours are required to sit for the Certified Public Accountants' Examination in the state of Louisiana. Many of the specific required courses are included in this program. Students who plan to sit for the exam in another state should inform themselves of the requirements in that state.

Other Information

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