Bachelor of Arts in Music

Bachelor of Arts In Music (124 hrs.)

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Music Core   Cr. Hrs.
MUPC M100 Recital Hour (8 semesters) 0
MUGN M103 Technology for Music Students (1 semester) 0
MUTH M102, 103, 202, and 203 Theory I, II, III, and IV 16
MUHL M106 Introduction to Music Literature 2
MUHL M306, 307 History of Western Art Music I and II 6
MUPR M121 – 150 Applied Study (4 semesters) 4
MUEN M100 – 106 Major Ensembles (4 semesters) 4
MUPC M110, 111 Piano Class I and II 2
MU   Music Electives2 14
General studies (Common Curriculum + CHN , CSS, or CBA minor requirements + electives) 76

1 Two of these courses must be labeled pre-modern. A student may not take a Common Curriculum course for Common Curriculum credit from his or her major department.

2 Music electives selected in consultation with advisor.