Spiritual Formation

University Ministry Mission Statement

University Ministry within the Office of Mission and Ministry at Loyola University New Orleans serves the holistic education of our students by attending to the spiritual formation of the university community. In collaboration with student leaders, staff, faculty, and administrators, we promote a vision of the "way of proceeding" set forth by St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus. Embracing our common human dignity created in God’s image and likeness, we foster a greater respect for the truth, goodness, and grace to be found in a diversity of faith traditions and people of every culture, race, language, and economic status.

Our Christian, Catholic, and Jesuit traditions commission us to offer a welcoming environment and supportive services to all members of the university community. We assist the formation of our students as contemplatives-in-action: God’s spirit illuminating them with an ever deeper experience of the love of God and inspiring a more generous response to that love by their passionate commitment to service and justice as men and women with and for others.

Spiritual Growth and Faith Development

University Ministry supports the spiritual formation and faith development of the entire Loyola community through:

Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Direction

University Chaplains are trained and available to assist the Loyola community with their spiritual formation and counseling needs. They offer a welcoming and trusting place to find a listening ear, an understanding heart, and a companioning mentor. Contact the University Ministry office or a university chaplain of your choice to inquire about pastoral counseling and spiritual direction. http://mm.loyno.edu/university-ministry

Worship and Communal Prayer

All faith communities are strengthened and missioned by their worship and prayer. University Ministry is dedicated to providing quality liturgies where community members actively participate in prayer, word, and sacrament. We offer a variety of worship opportunities and encourage students to share their gifts as a liturgical minister or volunteer.

Mass is celebrated on the main campus in Ignatius Chapel, Bobet Hall, Monday through Friday at noon, Monday through Thursday at 9:00pm, and Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. On the Broadway campus, Mass is celebrated weekly in the Martha and Mary Chapel in Greenville Hall. Contact Arlene Wiltz, 504-861-5494, for the weekly Broadway Campus schedule. For further information and for all listed Mass times, contact: http://mm.loyno.edu/university-ministry/area-church-services

The sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated on the main campus from 8:15 to 8:45 P.M. on Sundays and by appointment with any priest. Contact the University Ministry office at 504-865-3226 to schedule an appointment. http://mm.loyno.edu/university-ministry

Sacramental Preparation

In addition to regularly administering the sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation, University Ministry provides instruction and guidance for students who are preparing for Confirmation and/or Marriage in the Catholic Church. For students considering joining or learning more about the Catholic Church, the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) process will help them discern their decision and prepare them for the sacraments of Baptism, Holy Eucharist, and/or Confirmation. We also provide Anointing of the Sick as needed. Contact the University Ministry office for details about the formation process for any of the above mentioned sacraments. http://mm.loyno.edu/university-ministry


University Ministry provides a variety of opportunities for retreats, discernment and days of reflection. This can be a time to experience God’s love more profoundly and intimately, to find rest and renewal, and to reflect upon God’s active presence in all the experiences of your life. For a complete list of retreat opportunities, please visit the retreat page at http://mm.loyno.edu/university-ministry/retreats.

Christian and Spiritual Life Communities

Ignatian spirituality and the Jesuit vision of education include: prayer, community, service, and working for peace and justice in the world. This tradition serves as a model for small groups of women and men who come together in a more intimate community for faith sharing. Christian Life Community (CLC) members meet on a regular basis to break open the word and to support and encourage each other in living out the gospel. Members also form a supportive community that socializes together and engages in works of social justice outreach. For people who would prefer to be involved with an interfaith community, there are opportunities to join a Spiritual Life Community (SLC) which centers their faith sharing on a rich diversity of spiritual resources. For further information on CLC, please visit the CLC page at http://mm.loyno.edu/university-ministry/christian-life-communities.

Interfaith and Ecumenical Opportunities

University Ministry provides many ecumenical and interfaith opportunities for students to celebrate their diverse faith and cultural traditions. We provide training for lay ministry and encourage involvement in a diversity of prayer experiences. We also facilitate relationships with local ministry offices from other faith traditions. Through our shared ownership and prayer, we seek enrichment through our differences while working to create community.

Faith Doing Justice

From the belief in the power of the Gospel to transform the world, University Ministry provides a variety of opportunities for a student to live a reflective life of action for service, justice, and peace. For more information, visit our web page at http://mm.loyno.edu/community-service.

LUCAP (Loyola University Community Action Program)

LUCAP provides numerous opportunities to serve, educate, and advocate for the poor and marginalized within the local community. LUCAP participants also meet weekly for reflection and mutual support. LUCAP provides the ideal environment for the integration of one’s deep motivational faith-based beliefs with their expression in action and world transformation. "Contemplation in Action" has long been a hallmark of Jesuit education. For more information, visit http://mm.loyno.edu/community-service/loyola-university-community-action-program.

Ignacio Volunteer Immersion Programs

In partnership with the Jesuit Center, University Ministry provides immersion opportunities in the U.S. and in various areas of the developing world with the Ignacio Volunteer Program. Contact the Jesuit Center, 504-865-2304, for more details. For more information, visit http://mm.loyno.edu/community-service/ignacio-volunteer-programs.

Office of Mission and Ministry Staff:

Vice President for Mission and Ministry / Director of the Jesuit Center: Fr. Ted Dziak, SJ

Director of University Ministry / Associate Director of Mission and Ministry: Mr. Kurt Bindewald

Executive Assistant for Mission and Ministry: Mrs. Deborah LaMarca

Assistant Director of University Ministry/ Associate Chaplain, Christian Life Communities and Retreats: Ms. Laura Quigley 

Assistant Director of University Ministry/ Associate Chaplain, Service Justice and Sustainability: Mr. Joshua Daly

Associate Chaplain/ Faith and Sacramental Preparation: Fr. Gregg Grovenburg, SJ 

Associate Chaplain/Liturgy and Music: Mr. Kenneth Weber

Associate Chaplain/College of Law Chaplain: Mrs. Arlene Wiltz

University Ministry Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Kathy Plasse 

University Ministry Intern: Mr. Joseph Albin 

University Ministry Interfaith Coordinator: Mr. Samuel Bradley 

Assistant Director of the Jesuit Center: Dr. Ricardo Marquez

Jesuit Center Coordinator for University Programs: TBA

Jesuit Center Administrative Assistant: Mr. Eric Walsh 

Mission and Ministry Fellow for Service and Justice Programs: TBA 

Loyola University Ministry: Main Office, 104 Bobet Hall, 504-865-3226, http://mm.loyno.edu/university-ministry.
Jesuit Center: 110 Bobet Hall , 504-865-2305 http://mm.loyno.edu/jesuit-center.