Law Library

The law library houses approximately 395,000 volumes and microform equivalents to support the common law and civil law programs of the College of Law. Statutes, reporters, digests, treatises, looseleafs, journals, and foreign and international materials can all be found on the library’s three floors. A staff of 18, including eight librarians, are ready to assist students and faculty in locating the materials they need.

Special effort has also been made in acquiring materials to support scholarly research, particularly materials from civil law jurisdictions. The library is a depository for federal, Louisiana, and European Union documents. Audiovisual materials and microforms also help supplement the collection.

LEXIS and WESTLAW are available for students’ educational use. Both LEXIS and WESTLAW offer students personal passwords providing access to the systems from home computers.

The library has ample table, carrel, and lounge seating available for library users. In addition, six group study rooms and seven audiovisual rooms are located on the third floor of the library. Photocopiers, divided between the three floors, accept copicards which can be purchased in the library.

Computer and Instructional Laboratories

The main computer lab is located on the first floor of the law library and provides ample computer access to law students. It is equipped with forty-eight networked workstations and three high output printers. The computers are configured for word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database management software and provide students with access to the Internet, e-mail, and the two primary web-based legal information research services; Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw. All Loyola students are given a Loyola e-mail account as well as passwords for Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw during their first semester. Computer assisted legal instruction exercises are also available to students. The instructional laboratory is located on the second floor of the law library and is equipped with thirteen student workstations, one instructor workstation and one high output printer. Students and staff receive instruction in the use of various computer-based systems in this laboratory. When this facility is not being used for instructional purposes, it serves students as a secondary computer lab. Computer lab assistants are available to provide technical support during the posted hours.

Physical Facilities

The College of Law is housed in a 131,760-square-foot facility on the Broadway campus. The four-story building includes a combination appellate moot court room-auditorium, a trial court room, five lecture rooms, seminar-meeting rooms, placement interviewing facilities, staff and faculty lounges, faculty and administrative offices, Law Review and Moot Court offices. An extensive system of built-in audiovisual equipment has been installed for the use of students, faculty, and staff. The facility also houses the Loyola Law Clinic, an operational law office providing legal services to those who might not otherwise be served. Plans for remodelling the former Dominican Conference Center will provide an additional 24,190 square feet which will be available for use by the College of Law.