Civil Law (LCIV)

CIV L702 Common Law Contracts for Civil Law Students 3 hrs.
This course provides a comparative introduction to common law contracts. The course will address remedies, consideration, and selected other contract-law issues which may include conditions, third parties (beneficiaries, assignment, and delegation), the effect of writings (the statute of frauds and the parol evidence rule), and multiple obligors.

LCIV L706 Civil Law Property I 3 hrs.
This course introduces the civil law generally and the law of property in particular. It provides an introduction to the philosophy, structure, and methodology of the Louisiana Civil Code, as both a source of substantive law and as an embodiment of civilian legal method in the mixed jurisdiction of Louisiana. The course also serves as the introduction to basic civilian concepts of property, such as common, public, and private things, movables and immovables, ownership, and accession.

LCIV L707 Civil Law Property II 3 hrs.
This course builds on an introduction to the Civil Code in Civil Law Property I and covers more advanced but essential civil law property topics such as personal servitudes (including usufruct, rights of use and habitation), predial servitudes (including legal, natural, and conventional predial servitudes), boundaries, building restrictions, occupancy, possession, acquisitive prescription of movables and immovables, and dedication to public use.

LCIV L710 Conventional Obligations 3 hrs.
This course treats the general provisions of the Louisiana Civil Code applicable to all contracts in Louisiana, the formation and effect of agreements, various categories of obligations and the means of their extinction.

LCIV L715 Successions 3 hrs.
This course deals essentially with intestate successions. Subjects covered include the rules of distribution, the spousal usufruct, rights of children, absent persons, the opening of successions, capacity, acceptance, renunciation, and collation. (The administration of estates is covered in Louisiana Probate Seminar, LCIV L861, and Louisiana Probate, LCIV L862.)

LCIV L725 Sales and Leases 3 hrs.
This course is a continuation of the course in Conventional Obligations as to the particular contracts of sale and lease in respect to movable and immovable property.

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